Edward Binns  ‏(I901)‏
Given Names: Edward
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 20 August 1866 38 31 Sunderland
Death: 25 July 1951 ‏(Age 84)‏
Personal Facts and Details

1881 Census not found in index
1886 Jan 20 Sunderland Daily Echo: Prize giving to successful pupils attending the Government Science and Art Classes in the Atheneum Buildings, Fawcett Street; inter alia, 2nd Grade Art: model excellent, Edward Binns; freehand passed, Edward Binns; geometry excellent, Edward Binns; perspective excellent, Edward Binns
1886 Apr 7 Sunderland Daily Echo: Sunderland School of Art, Edward Binns won third prize in shaded drawing
1886 Jul 16 Sunderland Daily Echo: Sunderland School of Art; passed 3rd grade examination in shaded drawing from cast, Edward Binns
1896 Jun 5 London Gazette: The business of confectioner carried on in Sunderland by Edward Binns is transferred to Edward Binns the younger and Alfred Henry Binns and will be carried on by them as sole partners under the style of Edward Binns
1899 Aug 9 Sunderland Daily Echo: Report of marriage ceremony
1899 Aug 10 Sunderland Daily Echo: Marriage at Trinity Presbyterian Church, on 9 inst, by Rev J Nichol Grieve M A, of Liverpool, brother of the bride, Edward Binns Jr. to Mary Hyslop, eldest daughter of W T Grieve. At home 20 Holmlands Park, Oct 3, 4, and 5
1901 Mar 22 Sunderland Echo: Advertisement "Try Edward Binns' delicious Simnel Cakes. They are quite unique. 37 Fawcett Street. Established 50 years"
1901 Census, married head in Sunderland
1901Apr 10 Sunderland Daily Echo: Lost between Burn Park and Fawcett Street, TWO WHITE FEATHERS. Finder rewarded on returning to Edward Binns, 37 Fawcett Street
1902 Nov 12 Sunderland Daily Echo: Bewick Club Exhibition at the Church Institute, Hood Street, Newcastle, inter alia, Edward Binns's "The Pass of Jura - Sunset", "A Highland Burying-Ground", and "The Crofters Home" are axhibited.
1903 Jul 21 Sunderland Daily Echo: Opening of Prospect Row Mission Hall, tickets at 1 shilling from Mr Edward Binns, confectioner, Fawcett Street
1903 Nov 25 Sunderland Daily Echo: Bewick Club Exhibition at the Church Institute, Hood Street, Newcastle, inter alia, Edward Binns shows his careful water colour works,"The Evening Sun is Low", "The White Sands, Iona", and "The Western Shore, Iona"
1904 Feb 19 Sunderland Daily Echo: Edward Binns' new tearooms, 37 Fawcett Street. Entrance through the shop.
1904 May 13 Sunderland Daily Echo: 37 Fawcett Street, two well lighted offices to let; rent very moderate. Apply to Edward Binns, confectioner
1904 May 27 Sunderland Daily Echo: New-laid eggs, finest English, all selected, 12 for a shilling. Edward Binns, Fawcett Street
1904 Jun 6 Indenture between J W Hewitt, formerly a grocer, and Mrs M J Jackson, inn keeper, concerning his sale to her for £100 of debts owed to him by various people including Mr Edward Binns of Fawcett Street. Debts total about £110.
1906 Executor of mother's will was confectioner.
1910 Jan 5 Sunderland News reports that Edward Binns of Fawcett St. made the wedding cake for the marriage of Joseph Lowes Thompson to Mildred Adamson
1911 Census master confectioner at 20 Holmlands Park, Sunderland
1919 Aug London Gazette: Partnership of Edward Binns and Alfred Henry Binns, confectioners at 47 Fawcett Street, Sunderland, is dissolved by mutual consent
1920 Probate of daughter Eva Just Binns describes him as retired confectioner.
1939 England and Wales Register: At 20 Holmelands Park, Sunderland, Edward Binns, born 20Aug 1866, married confectioner ‏(retired)‏. Also present were; Mary Grieve, born 31 Jul 1842, widow invalid and a domestic and a nurse
1949 Probate of sister Violet Miriam Binns was a retired confectioner
1951 Sunderland Echo, Jul 25, Death of Mr E Binns of Holmlands Park North, Sunderland who spent much of his life working for the Bethesda Free Church, Prospect Row Mission died today. He was 84. Lay preacher for 60 years he began his mission at James Williams Street Mission for Children which grew and moved to Nicholson St. Schoolroom.He helped to raise funds for the Prospect Row Mission where at one time he preached every week to about 1000 children. He was superintendent until his death. Before his retirement 30 years ago he was in business as a confectioner in Fawcett St. He took over the business from his father as a young man. He leaves a widow.
1951 Sep 25 London Gazette: Late of 20 Holmlands Park North, Sunderland, gentleman
1951 Oct 26 Probate at Durham of Edward Binns late of 20 Holmlands Park North, Sunderland who died 25 Jul 1951 to Martins Bank Ltd. £16562

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Family with Parents
Edward Binns ‎(I858)‎
Birth 24 November 1827 46 41
Death 8 July 1902 ‏(Age 74)‏ Summerhill East, Sunderland
7 years
Margaret Eleanor Just ‎(I896)‎
Birth about 1835
Death 17 May 1906 ‏(Age 71)‏ 4 Summerhill East, Sunderland

Marriage: 8 December 1853 -- Sunderland
-3 months
Annie Sophia Binns ‎(I897)‎
Birth 16 September 1853 25 18
Death 21 March 1919 ‏(Age 65)‏ Sunderland, Co Durham
1 year
George Welch Binns ‎(I898)‎
Birth 3 September 1854 26 19 Sunderland
Death September 1921 ‏(Age 66)‏ Scarborough, Yorks
4 years
Lilian Binns ‎(I899)‎
Birth 10 July 1858 30 23
Death 15 March 1892 ‏(Age 33)‏ Sunderland, Co Durham
4 years
Margaret Eleanor Binns ‎(I904)‎
Birth June 1862 34 27 Sunderland, Co Durham
Death 3 January 1927 ‏(Age 64)‏
2 years
Florence Eveline Binns ‎(I900)‎
Birth March 1864 36 29 Sunderland
Death December 1867 ‏(Age 3)‏ Sunderland
3 years
Edward Binns ‎(I901)‎
Birth 20 August 1866 38 31 Sunderland
Death 25 July 1951 ‏(Age 84)‏
16 months
Samuel Evelyn Binns ‎(I903)‎
Birth about 1868 40 33
Death February 1877 ‏(Age 9)‏
2 years
Violet Miriam Binns ‎(I1134)‎
Birth June 1870 42 35 Sunderland, CoDurham
Death 21 June 1948 ‏(Age 78)‏ Woking, Surrey
10 months
Alfred Henry Binns ‎(I902)‎
Birth about April 1871 43 36 Sunderland
Death 18 June 1960 ‏(Age 89)‏ Stockton on Tees, Co Durham
3 years
Walter Binns ‎(I1133)‎
Birth 15 October 1873 45 38 Sunderland, CoDurham
Death 23 July 1952 ‏(Age 78)‏ Wootton Courtney, Somerset
2 years
Eva Just Binns ‎(I906)‎
Birth March 1876 48 41 Sunderland
Death 11 February 1920 ‏(Age 43)‏ Sunderland, Co Durham
3 years
Elsie Binns ‎(I907)‎
Birth 26 July 1879 51 44 Sunderland
Death 23 February 1980 ‏(Age 100)‏ Bedale, Yorks
Family with Mary Hyslop Grieve
Edward Binns ‎(I901)‎
Birth 20 August 1866 38 31 Sunderland
Death 25 July 1951 ‏(Age 84)‏
4 years
Mary Hyslop Grieve ‎(I920)‎
Birth about 1871 Bishopwearmouth
Death 23 February 1956 ‏(Age 85)‏ Low Fell, Co Durham

Marriage: 9 August 1899