John K Binns  ‏(I743)‏
Given Names: John K
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 25 March 1870 25 21 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Death: 18 January 1937 ‏(Age 66)‏ Devils Lake, Lenawee, Michigan
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 25 March 1870 25 21 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, USA

MarriageCivil Marriage
Harriet Terry - 21 November 1894 ‏(Age 24)‏ Cambridge, Lenawee County, Michigan

Death 18 January 1937 ‏(Age 66)‏ Devils Lake, Lenawee, Michigan

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Parents Family  (F273)
Richard T Binns
1845 - 1901
Abbie Ashby
1848 -
John K Binns
1870 - 1937
Louisa Binns
1876 -
Rose P Binns
1880 -
Paul P Binns
1884 - 1928

Immediate Family  (F288)
Harriet Terry
1873 -
James Glenn Binns
1895 - 1920
George Binns
1897 - 1974
Ruhl L Binns
1898 - 1982


1870 Mar 25 Birth to R F Binns and Abby Binns of Woodstock, Michigan, farmer
1870 US Census at Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, John Binns age 4 months, born in March
Mentioned in the Memoirs of Lenawee County, Michigan, Vol 2, page 538.
John K. Binns, a successful contractor and builder, now residing near Devil’s Lake, was born in the village of Addison, March 25, 1870. His parents were natives of Lenawee county, the father having been born in 1845, at Addison, and the mothers birthplace was in Rollin township, near the village of Addison, in 1848. During the latter part of the father’s life he was a minister of the Gospel and preached at various places. His early education was to fit him for the profession of the law, but on account of his father’s failing health it was necessary for him to return from Raisin Valley Seminary,where he had entered, and take up the work on the farm. Thus his law studies were neglected, but later in life this preliminary education was utilized to great purpose in his work for the Master who presides not over local courts, but whose judgment over lives is final. When our subject’s father returned from the seminary his attention was engrossed in farm work, and his first Church was at Holland, Mich.,where he preached for two years. From Holland he went to Shiawassee county, and his next Church was at Hickory Corners, northwest of Grand Rapids. His health becoming impaired, he then returned to the old homestead,where his death occurred in 1901.
The homestead farm his parents secured direct from the Government is now the property of his wife. To Reverend and Mrs. Binns were born four children, as follows: John K. is the eldest; Louisa, born in 1876, is now principal of a business college in Kenosha, Wis.; Rose P., born Dec 24, 1880, is the wife of A. B. Branch, a blacksmith of Moscow, in Hillsdale County; and Paul P., born in 1884, married Nellie Slack and is yard foreman of the Lake Shore railroad at Lansing. Our subject attended the schools of Addison and remained at home elected to that office about this time. During this period the trade of carpenter was also acquired by him, and since 1899 his home has been at Devil’s Lake and the occupation of builder has engaged his attention. His residence at that point is modern in every respect and so pleasantly located that our subject has expressed his intention to pass his days there. His building contracts necessitate at times employment of numbers of men and he also engages in general contracting. Ever since his majority was reached, our subject has held public office, seventeen years of that time having been justice of the peace; he also has served as supervisor, and at one time was clerk of Woodstock township, as before stated. In politics he is a Democrat, and an ardent worker for that party. On Oct. 21, 1894, was celebrated his union with Miss Hattie Terry, of Woodstock township, who was born May 21, 1873, daughter of Hiram and Louisa ‏(Cary)‏ Terry, the former a native of New York state, and the mother, of Michigan. Hiram Cary’s father was one of the early settlers of this county, and owned a farm near Devil’s Lake, where he lived till the time of his retirement to the city of Jackson, and since the death of his wife he has made his home with a son in Morley, Mich. He is now in his ninety-first year. Mrs. Binns’ father was also a farmer, but is now living a retired life near Devil’s Lake, conveniently near the residence of our subject. To Mr. and Mrs. Binns three children have been born, namely: Glenn, born Nov. 23, 1895 ; George, born March 10, 1897; and Ruhl, born March17, 1898; all living at home with their parents.
1894 Nov 21 Marriage at Cambridge, bachelor of Addison age 24, law student, father Richard Binns, mother Abbie L Ashley; bride Hattie Terry spinster of Devils Lake, age 21
1900 US Census at 165 Addison Village, Woodstock, Lenawee, John J Binns, married head age 30, born Mar 1870, married 6 years, carpenter
1910 US Census at 220 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, John K Binns, married head age 40, first marriage of 15 years, 3 child
een, 3 living, carpenter, houses
1920 US Census at 123 Woodstock, John K Binns, married head age 49, merchant, general store
1930 US Census at 124 Woodstock, John K Binns, married head age 60, first married age 24, proprietor, general store. Close by is Glenn Binns and family.

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Family with Parents
Richard T Binns ‎(I731)‎
Birth about 1845 36 33 Addison, Lenawee, Michigan
Death about 1901 ‏(Age 56)‏
4 years
Abbie Ashby ‎(I742)‎
Birth about December 1848 Rollin, Lenawee, Michigan

Marriage: about 1869
15 months
John K Binns ‎(I743)‎
Birth 25 March 1870 25 21 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Death 18 January 1937 ‏(Age 66)‏ Devils Lake, Lenawee, Michigan
6 years
Louisa Binns ‎(I744)‎
Birth 3 February 1876 31 27 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
5 years
Rose P Binns ‎(I745)‎
Birth 24 December 1880 35 32 Michigan, USA
4 years
Paul P Binns ‎(I746)‎
Birth 12 November 1884 39 35
Death 9 April 1928 ‏(Age 43)‏ Hillsdale, Michigan, USA
Family with Harriet Terry
John K Binns ‎(I743)‎
Birth 25 March 1870 25 21 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Death 18 January 1937 ‏(Age 66)‏ Devils Lake, Lenawee, Michigan
3 years
Harriet Terry ‎(I771)‎
Birth 21 May 1873 Devils Lake, Michigan, USA

Civil Marriage: 21 November 1894 -- Cambridge, Lenawee County, Michigan
1 year
James Glenn Binns ‎(I772)‎
Birth 23 November 1895 25 22
Death February 1920 ‏(Age 24)‏
16 months
George Binns ‎(I773)‎
Birth 10 March 1897 26 23 Michigan, USA
Death 21 April 1974 ‏(Age 77)‏
1 year
Ruhl L Binns ‎(I774)‎
Birth 17 March 1898 27 24
Death 7 January 1982 ‏(Age 83)‏ Toledo, Lucas, Ohio