Jonathan Binns  ‏(I52)‏
Given Names: Jonathan
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 22 December 1743 35 Devon
Death: 2 December 1829 ‏(Age 85)‏ East Looe, Cornwall
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 22 December 1743 35 Devon

MarriageReligious Marriage
Anna Dobell - 11 May 1768 ‏(Age 24)‏ Looe, Cornwall

Death 2 December 1829 ‏(Age 85)‏ East Looe, Cornwall

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Parents Family  (F14)
Jonas Binns
1708 - 1784
Abigail Juel Tuckett
- 1786
Thomas Binns
1741 - 1827
Jonathan Binns
1743 - 1829

Immediate Family  (F28)
Anna Dobell
1736 - 1814
Anna Binns
1770 - 1788
Jonathan Binns
1773 -
Frances Binns
1776 -


1768 May 11 Marriage in East Division, Society of Friends, of Jonathan Binns of Looe and Anna Dobell of Looe at the Meeting House in Looe.
1790 Aug 3 Cornwall Record Office BK/392; 99 yr. lease; rent 10/-.
Mayor and burgesses of East Looe, to Jn. Rice of East Looe, surgeon, and Jonathan Binns of East Looe, merchant. Consideration: £6-6-0.
1792 May 28 Sherborne Mercury: All persons indebted to the estate of the late Joseph Langman, late of Calstock, Cornwall, victualer are desired to make immediate payment of monies due from them to Jonathan Binns of East Looe, his administrator, or to Joseph Treffry, agent for Jonathan Binns at Calstock
1808 Oct 4 Cornwall Record Office QS/1/7/555 Bodmin Sessions: Salt Duty; John Furneaux, master, and John Diddoff, mate, of sloop 'Imogene' of Plymouth, stated on oath that on 23 July last they shipped at Liverpool 2,600 bushels of British fishery salt to carry it to Looe on account of Jonathan Binns, fish curer. On voyage they ran into a storm and lost 141 bushels of salt. Collector of Excise to cancel bond.
1815 Plymouth and West Devon Record Office 314/7; Bargain and Sale; 1a. William Norway of Egloshaile, Cornwall, merchant
1b. Richard Dugger of Fowey, Cornwall, merchant
2a. John Bennet of Fowey, merchant
2b. Jonathan Binns the younger of East Looe, Cornwall, merchant
Pilchard sean with nets and sean boats and contents of fish cellars at Polkerris, Cornwall
1818 Sep Cornwall Record Office: X155/157 Lease for 21 years; rent £8 ‏(1)‏ Mayor and burgesses; ‏(2)‏ Jonathan Binns jr. merch.
Pallace or place for curing fish called Churchend Pallace
1819 May 29 London Gazette: Commission of bankrupt against Jonathan Binns and Jonathan Binns the younger, of Looe, Cornwall, merchants, bankers, dealers, chapmen, and partners
1819 Aug 7 London Gazette: Creditors of Jonathon Binns and Jonathan Binns junior, of East Looe, to assent or dissent with assignees arrangement with regard to the East Cornwall Bank; Mr William Keast, of St Germans; on the debt due to the bankrupts from the estate of Robert Were Fox and William Pardon Smith late of Plymouth, merchants; and in the Sean and materials called the Bigbury Sean.
1820 Oct 3 London Gazette: First dividend to be paid to creditors from the assets of the partnership and the assets of each individual partner; second dividend London Gazette 1822 Jul 30
1820 Oct 21 Royal Cornwall Gazette: To be sold by auction large well fitted up and complete granary containing three floors situated on the quay at East Looe, lately occupied by Jonathan Binns and Son, corn merchants
1822 Jan 26 London Gazette: Both granted certificates
1829 Dec 6 Burial in Friends Burying Ground, East Looe of Jonathan Binns, late merchant who died 2 Dec
1829 Dec 12 Royal Cornwall Gazette: Death at East Loe, on 2 Dec Mr Jonathan Binns, one of the Society of Friends, age 87
1938 Jul 30 Western Morning News: Article about Quakers in Devon says "Jonathan's ‏[Dymond]‏ uncle George had been a pupil at Jonathan Binns's school at Looe. This schoolmaster was a minister, who died at East Looe on December 2, 1829, at the age of 86

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Family with Parents
Jonas Binns ‎(I21)‎
Birth 1 April 1708 44 25 Crag Top, Kildwick
Death 8 April 1784 ‏(Age 76)‏ Cornwall
Abigail Juel Tuckett ‎(I50)‎
Death 23 October 1786 Looe, Cornwall

Marriage: 22 September 1739
2 years
Thomas Binns ‎(I51)‎
Birth 31 October 1741 33 East Looe, Cornwall
Death 1827 ‏(Age 85)‏
2 years
Jonathan Binns ‎(I52)‎
Birth 22 December 1743 35 Devon
Death 2 December 1829 ‏(Age 85)‏ East Looe, Cornwall
Family with Anna Dobell
Jonathan Binns ‎(I52)‎
Birth 22 December 1743 35 Devon
Death 2 December 1829 ‏(Age 85)‏ East Looe, Cornwall
-8 years
Anna Dobell ‎(I90)‎
Birth 1736 Looe
Death 28 March 1814 ‏(Age 78)‏ East Looe, Cornwall

Religious Marriage: 11 May 1768 -- Looe, Cornwall
2 years
Anna Binns ‎(I91)‎
Birth 27 March 1770 26 34 Yorkshire
Death 1 December 1788 ‏(Age 18)‏
3 years
Jonathan Binns ‎(I1457)‎
Birth 1773 29 37 Looe, Cornwall
3 years
Frances Binns ‎(I93)‎
Birth April 1776 32 40 Yorkshire