Henry Bryan Binns  ‏(I286)‏
Given Names: Henry Bryan
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: May 1873 27 27 Ulverstone
Death: 23 February 1923 ‏(Age 49)‏ Sidmouth, Devon
Personal Facts and Details
Birth May 1873 27 27 Ulverstone

MarriageReligious Marriage
Katharine Ellis - 16 June 1897 ‏(Age 24)‏ Warwick, Warks

Death 23 February 1923 ‏(Age 49)‏ Sidmouth, Devon

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Parents Family  (F81)
Richard Binns
1845 - 1913
Elizabeth Bryan
1846 - 1918
Henry Bryan Binns
1873 - 1923
William Bryan Binns
1875 - 1966

Immediate Family  (F82)
Katharine Ellis
1866 - 1929


Said to have published poetry under the pseudonym Richard Askham. Fruit grower, poet, author, founding force of Letchworth Garden City. Wrote biography of Abraham Lincoln for Everyman series.
1881 Census, son age 7, scholar.
1891 Census son age 17
1897 Jun 19 Leicester Chronicle: Marriage on Wednesday at the Friends Meeting House, Warwick of Mr Henry Binns, son of Mr Richard Binns of Cross Axbridge, Somerset to Miss Katherine Ellis daughter of Mr James Ellis of Gynsills, Leicestershire, ex-member of Parliament for the Bosworth Division.
1897 Jul 4 Immigration at Philadelphia of Henry Bryan Binns aboard Belgenland from Liverpool, age 24, married fruit grower ‏[farmer]‏ accompanied by Katherine Ellis Binns going to brother-in-law Alex Ellis at Weimar, California for protracted sojourn.
1897 Fruit grower. Soon moved to York and became friend of John Wilhelm Rowntree.
1898 Started periodical "Present Day Papers" with J. W. Rowntree in York. Ceased publication in 1902
1901 Census married head at Front Street, Acomb, York, age 27, private secretary, worker at home. Also present was Annie Elizabeth Clapham, unmarried visitor, age 46, born Leicester
1903 Co-author with John Wilhelm Rowntree of 'A History of the Adult School Movement'
1904-05 National Archives: Writing letters from 3 Cavendish Mansions, West Hampstead NW
1905 Nov 13 The Times; Review of his book "The Life of Walter Whitman"
1907 Author of Botticelli by Henry Bryan Binns, published in London by T C & E C Jack, in New York by Frederick A Stokes
1909 Sep 1 The Educational Times: Review of "A Century of Education", being the Centenary History of the British and Foreign School Society 1808-1908. By Henry Bryan Binns ‏[Dent]‏. It includes appendixes by Dr. T.J.Macnamara, M.P.; Mr. Sidney Webb; Prof Foster Watson; and Mr Graham Wallas.
1911 Census at 12 Watchbell Street, Rye, Sussex, married boarder age 37, private means, author, own account at home. Married head was James Albert Lancaster, age 45, gardener domestic. House had 6 rooms
1913 Executor of father's will, occupation author
1915 April: A book of poetry by Henry Bryan On page 2 and 3 you will find a photo with the author fronting his house in Gockham Hill, Kent. He has written “ Henry Bryan Binns and his house at Gockham Hill, Kent, and on the right side of photo he has written “My study window”. On page 3 he has written : 28 Jan 1920. “ A tiny book grown on these hills”. From Henry Bryan Binns, Edenbridge, Kent. This text is written to Grøndahl. Probably a Norwegian friend who lived in the area. Binns issued in London 1915 by A.C Fifield, 13 Clifford’s Inn.
1920 28th January at Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent
1923 Feb 28 The Times: Death on 23rd Feb at Sidmouth, Devon, Henry Bryan Binns, of Crockham Hill, Kent, in his 50th year
1923 Mar Q Death of Henry B Binns registered in Honiton age 49
1923 Jul 19 Probate at London of Henry Bryan Binns late of Spark Haw, Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent who died 23 Feb 1923 at 1 Clifton Place, Sidmouth, Devon to his widow Katharine Binns. £2057.

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Family with Parents
Richard Binns ‎(I284)‎
Birth 14 July 1845 32 32 Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Lancs
Death 1 February 1913 ‏(Age 67)‏ Cambridge, Cambs
6 months
Elizabeth Bryan ‎(I285)‎
Birth about 1846 28 Ohio, USA
Death 9 August 1918 ‏(Age 72)‏ Cambridge, Cambs

Marriage: 7 August 1872 -- Colthouse Quaker Meeting
9 months
Henry Bryan Binns ‎(I286)‎
Birth May 1873 27 27 Ulverstone
Death 23 February 1923 ‏(Age 49)‏ Sidmouth, Devon
20 months
William Bryan Binns ‎(I287)‎
Birth about 1875 29 29 Ulverstone
Death 25 November 1966 ‏(Age 91)‏ Tonbridge, Kent
Family with Katharine Ellis
Henry Bryan Binns ‎(I286)‎
Birth May 1873 27 27 Ulverstone
Death 23 February 1923 ‏(Age 49)‏ Sidmouth, Devon
-7 years
Katharine Ellis ‎(I288)‎
Birth about 1866 Kirby Muxloe, Leics
Death 29 August 1929 ‏(Age 63)‏

Religious Marriage: 16 June 1897 -- Warwick, Warks