Richard Binns  ‏(I284)‏
Given Names: Richard
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 14 July 1845 32 32 Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Lancs
Death: 1 February 1913 ‏(Age 67)‏ Cambridge, Cambs
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 14 July 1845 32 32 Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Lancs

Marriage Elizabeth Bryan - 7 August 1872 ‏(Age 27)‏ Colthouse Quaker Meeting

Death 1 February 1913 ‏(Age 67)‏ Cambridge, Cambs

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Parents Family  (F80)
Henry Binns
1812 - 1853
Sarah Lowe
1813 - 1883
Richard Binns
1845 - 1913

Immediate Family  (F81)
Elizabeth Bryan
1846 - 1918
Henry Bryan Binns
1873 - 1923
William Bryan Binns
1875 - 1966


1845 Sep Q Birth Registered West Derby, 20, 1050
Apprentice to Mr. Rivers, nurseryman, at Sawbridgeworth, gardensr, guano manufacturer and oatmeal factor and fruit grower.
1863 Sep 17 West Yorkshire Archive: Letter from Mr Binns of Nurseries, Sawbridgeworth, Herts to JA Busfield of Upwood, Bingley regarding fruit trees
1871 Census unmarried visitor at Oubas Hill, Ulverston, age 25, merchant. Married head was William Wilson, age 64, merchant employing 10 men who in fact is a nephew of William Wilsons wife Sarah Binns.
1871 Cumbria Record Office, Barrow: Ulverston Urban District Council;Joseph Sharpe of Ireleth, yeoman, Edward Satterthwaite of Barrow-in-Furness, gent, George Ashburner of Low Hall, par. Kirkby Ireleth, farmer, and Richard Binns of Ulverston, gent,
trustees of the Furness and South Cumberland Permanent Benefit Building Society, to ii William Settle of Ulverston, surveyor -- dwelling house, 62, Buccleuch St., Barrow-in-Furness --
1872 Guano merchant of Southfield, Ulverston
1872 Borrowed books from Quaker Library, Richard Binns, Upper Brook Street, Ulverston
1872 Sep 30 Cumbria Record Office, Barrow: Mortgage, Joseph Binns of Ulverston, gent. et al is Trustee of the Furness and South Cumberland Permanent Building Society
1872-3 Cumbria Record Office, Barrow: Charles G. Lowden, surveyor and estate agent;Mortgage 30 September 1872 Richard Binns of Ulverston, gent.Mortgage, 31 March 1873 George Ashburner of Low Hall, Kirkby Ireleth, farmer; Richard Binns of Ulverston, gent.
1872 Aug 14 Belfast News Letter: Marriage on 7 Aug at Friends Meeting House, Colthouse, near Hawkshead, Lancashire, Richard Binns, of Southfield, Ulverston, only son of the late Henry Binns, of Liverpool, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late William J Bryan, of New Orleans.
1873 Bone manure maker or manure manufacturer
1877 Mar 28 Derby Mercury: Pure Scotch Oatmeal, 2.5d. per lb. Richard Binns ‏(late Pollard)‏, corn floue and meal factor, 19 Market Place. Goods delivered to all parts of the town.
1878 Apr 24 Derby Mercury: St Annes Derby election of peoples warden gave rise to debate about high and low church services. Re-election of Mr Binns was proposed but there was a counter proposal of Mr Clarke, malster.
1880 Jun 14 Manchester Courier: Derby Coffee and Cocoa House Company Limited, temperance refreshment caterers with capital of £5,000 share of £1, Richard Binns, 19 Market Place, Derby, confectioner, 100 shares.
1880 Jun 16 Derby Mercury: R Binns elected to the General Council of the Derwent Ward Radicals in Derby
1881 Jan 19 Derby Mercury: R Binns involved in soup kitchens in Derby
1881 Census, married head at Fern Bank Villa 2, Derby, age 35, corn factor. Also present were two unmarried female domestic servants from Brighton
1882 Apr 4 Derby Daily Telegraph: Richard Binns on grand jury for Quarter Sessions in Derby
1884 Jan 30 Derby Mercury: Derby Charity Organisation Society; Mr ‏[R]‏ Binns has left the town
1884 Moved to Reigate, Surrey
1885 Jan 21 Derby Mercury: Derby Borough police court Benjamin Carter charged with stealing from Messrs Binns and Armitage, corn factors of Market Place.
1885 Apr 18 Surrey Mirror: Elected to Riegate Board of Guardians, Richard Binns, Lovelands, Kingswood, gentleman
1888 May 18 London Gazette: Partnership dissolved by mutual consent between Richard Binns and Herbert Armitage, wholesale and retail corn, flour, and meal factors at 19 Market Place, Derby under style of Binns and Armitage. Debts due to the retail business received by Richard Binns who will carry on the retail business as Binns and Company; debts due to wholesale business received by Herbert Armitage who will carry on the wholesale business under his own name. All debts owing by the firm Binns and Armitage will be paid by Richard Binns
1888 Aug 25 Surrey Mirror: Reigate Board of Guardians included R Binns
1888 Sep 15 Surrey Mirror: R Binns, member of Board of Guardians vted for a motion requiring that the practice of brewing beer in the Union Workhouse should be discontinued.
1888 Dec 29 Surrey Mirror: Wanted in Riegate, sitting and bedroom, by delicate lady, requiring cheerful, kind attention. Apply by letter to Richard Binns, Lovelands, Reigate.
1890 Jan 18 Surrey Mirror: R Binns member of the Reigate Highway Board
1891 Census married head at Lovelands Farm, Kingswood, Reigate, Surrey, age 45, fruit grower
1892 Oct 15 Surrey Mirror: Sale of 10000 young fruit trees and plants at Loveland Farm, Kingswood, near Reigate. Two miles from Redhill and one mile from Merstham, by order of Richard Binns. To clear the ground.
1893 Sep 27 Derby Mercury: Messrs Binns and Co. in business in Market Place, Derby, supplying meal of various kinds for making soup for the destitute.
1893 At Chaddesdon, Derby then at Winscombe near Sidcot, Somerset then at Cross near Axbridge. Fruit grower and oatmeal factor.
1896 Apr 8 Derby Mercury: Messrs Binns and Co., donated flower seed to Derbyshire Hospital for Sick Children
1897 Jun 30 Derby Mercury: Celebrations for Queens Diamond Jubilee, in Market Place, premises of Mr Binns were well looked after.
1898 Feb 21 Memodrandum on headed paper from Binns & Co Ltd, oatmeal factors, Derby, addressed to a miller in Wales, offering several sorts of oatmeal.‏[ EBAY 25 Apr 2013
1898 Jun 18 Bristol Mercury: Axbridge; Police court heard charges against men accused of stealing a waist coat and a pen knife, property of Richard Binns, fruit grower of Cross, Compton Bishop.
1898 Aug 17 Bristol Mercury: Compton Bishop Flower Show, Richard Binns prizewinner in many classes
1899 Jun 3 Bristol Mercury: Wanted, gardener at once, active abstainer capable of managing. Richard Binns, Fruit Gardens, Axbridge, Somerset
1900 Aug 18 Bristol Mercury: Advertiser having successful business experience seeks position of Manager, Bookkeeper, etc.,Secretary of Chamber of Commerce certificates to high character and business ability, grasp of detail, and capacity for work. Life abstainer.- Richard Binns, Lovelands, Reigate.
1901 Census, married visitor at 38 Bulstrode Road, Heston Middlesex, corn factor, age 55, also in Heston, Elizabeth Binns, age 54, born USA. Head is widow Barbara H. R. Read, age 44, army officer's widow, born Colchester with two sons. Also visiting were Edward H.J.C.Gillett age 24, and wife Rose.
1908 Jan 24 London Gazette: Binns and Company of 26 Market Place, Derby voluntarily wound up
1911 Census at Weymouth Cottage, Merton Street, Newnham Croft, Cambridge married boarder age 65, born Mt Vernon, Liverpool, private means. Widowed head was Mary Ann Burgess, age 66, born USA. House had 8 rooms and 2 servants.
1913 Feb 1 Died at 20 Eltisley Avenue, Cambridge.
1913 Mar 6 Probate at London of Richard Binns late of 20 Eltisley Avenue, Cambridge who died 1 Feb 1913 to Henry Bryan Binns, author. £414‏

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Family with Parents
Henry Binns ‎(I228)‎
Birth 19 September 1812 40 38
Death 11 November 1853 ‏(Age 41)‏ Liscard Vale, Cheshire
3 months
Sarah Lowe ‎(I283)‎
Birth about 1813 Kennington, Surrey, England
Death 5 February 1883 ‏(Age 70)‏ Derby, Derbys

Marriage: 26 September 1844 -- Great Bardfield, Essex
10 months
Richard Binns ‎(I284)‎
Birth 14 July 1845 32 32 Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Lancs
Death 1 February 1913 ‏(Age 67)‏ Cambridge, Cambs
Family with Elizabeth Bryan
Richard Binns ‎(I284)‎
Birth 14 July 1845 32 32 Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Lancs
Death 1 February 1913 ‏(Age 67)‏ Cambridge, Cambs
6 months
Elizabeth Bryan ‎(I285)‎
Birth about 1846 28 Ohio, USA
Death 9 August 1918 ‏(Age 72)‏ Cambridge, Cambs

Marriage: 7 August 1872 -- Colthouse Quaker Meeting
9 months
Henry Bryan Binns ‎(I286)‎
Birth May 1873 27 27 Ulverstone
Death 23 February 1923 ‏(Age 49)‏ Sidmouth, Devon
20 months
William Bryan Binns ‎(I287)‎
Birth about 1875 29 29 Ulverstone
Death 25 November 1966 ‏(Age 91)‏ Tonbridge, Kent