William Norman Binns  ‏(I21214)‏
Given Names: William Norman
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 8 April 1867 36 27 Co Tipperary, Ireland
Death: 10 October 1947 ‏(Age 80)‏ Ireland
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 8 April 1867 36 27 Co Tipperary, Ireland

Death 10 October 1947 ‏(Age 80)‏ Ireland

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Parents Family  (F7211)
William John Binns
1831 - 1893
Emily Josephine Sampey
1840 - 1902
Henry Alexander Binns
1864 - 1888
William Norman Binns
1867 - 1947
Emily Gertrude Binns
1869 -
Edmund Theodore Binns
1870 - 1895
Charles Carlyle Binns
1873 - 1939
George Binns
1883 - 1915
Helen C Binns
1876 - 1955


1867 Apr 8 Ireland Births and Baptisms: Christening at Tipperary of William Norman Binns, father William J Binns, mother Emily J Sampey
1882 Sep 25 Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser: Education Examination results; Junior grade William Norman Binns, Grammar School, Galway
1885 Jul 17 Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser: Royal University of Ireland pass list; William Norman Binns, Queens College, Galway
1885 Oct 28 The Belfast News-Letter: Royal University Examinations; Pass in first examination in engineering William Norman Binns, Queens College, Galway
1886 Sep 25 Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser: Agent for Sun Fire; W N Binns, Galway
1888 Nov 1 The Belfast News-Letter: Royal University pass list; Second class degree in engineering W N Binns
1901 Census Ireland, at Shantallow, West Urban Gallway, William N Binns, unmarried head age 33, civil engineer; BE, RUI, born Tipperary; Church of Ireland. Also present was Maria Tierney, unmarried servant age 20, general domestic servant born County Galway. Roman Catholic
1911 Census Ireland at Newtownsmith, Galway North Urban, William Binns, unmarried boarder age 44, civil engineer born County Tipperary, Protestant. Widowed head was Mary Lally, age 75, born Scotland, Roman Catholic.
1914 Dec Q Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, William Norman Binns marriage registered in Rathdown
1947 Sep Q Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, William N Binns marriage registered in Rathdrum
1947 Dictionary of Irish Architects: William Norman Binns; Engineer, of Galway, active from the 1880s until the 1930s. William Binns, son of William J. Binns, was born in Co. Tipperary in on 8 April 1867. ‏(1)‏ He was educated at Galway Grammar School and University College, Galway, where he obtained the BE degree. He was engaged in the construction of the Galway-Clifden and Tralee & Dingle railway lines before his appointment to the borough surveyorship of Galway. This was probably in or soon after 1889, when his predecessor RICHARD NEWMAN SOMERVILLE was appointed county surveyor of Cavan. By 1900 he had also become engineer to the Harbour Commissioners; his salary in this position was raised to £100 per annum in 1907.‏(2)‏ He was also engineer for the Corrib Navigation Board for many years. In 1909 he was one of the two candidates proposed for the county surveyorship of East Galway, but lost the contest to JOHN MORAN. ‏(3)‏ His obituarist in the Irish Builder lists some of his achievements: 'Amongst the projects carried out under his control were the construction of the present Galway water supply system, housing schemes at the Claddagh and Bohermore and lay-out of the new Shantalla scheme, erection of public baths, swimming pools, etc. at Galway and Salthill and sewerage and water schemes in connection with the expansion of that popular seaside resort. He was associated with Sir Cyril Kirkpatrick in the preparation of plans for the development of Galway port.' He still held the borough surveyorship in 1933 but had retired by 1938. He was over eighty when he died on 10 October 1947. He had married in 1914

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Family with Parents
William John Binns ‎(I21211)‎
Birth 1831 Ireland
Death 24 January 1893 ‏(Age 62)‏ Galway, Ireland
9 years
Emily Josephine Sampey ‎(I21212)‎
Birth 1840 Ireland
Death 1902 ‏(Age 62)‏ Galway, Ireland

Marriage: 24 June 1862 -- Kilkeevan, Ros, Ireland
18 months
Henry Alexander Binns ‎(I21213)‎
Birth 1864 33 24
Death 3 May 1888 ‏(Age 24)‏ Belmullet, Co Mayo, Ireland
3 years
William Norman Binns ‎(I21214)‎
Birth 8 April 1867 36 27 Co Tipperary, Ireland
Death 10 October 1947 ‏(Age 80)‏ Ireland
2 years
Emily Gertrude Binns ‎(I21215)‎
Birth 27 April 1869 38 29 Rathkeale, Ireland
17 months
Edmund Theodore Binns ‎(I21223)‎
Birth 18 September 1870 39 30 Rathkeal, Limerick, Ireland
Death 1895 ‏(Age 24)‏ Galway, Ireland
3 years
Charles Carlyle Binns ‎(I21224)‎
Birth 7 May 1873 42 33 Rathkeal, Limerick, Ireland
Death 18 February 1939 ‏(Age 65)‏ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
10 years
Brother (Birth)
George Binns ‎(I21232)‎
Birth 29 March 1883 52 43 Galway, Ireland
Death 28 May 1915 ‏(Age 32)‏ Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada
-7 years
Helen C Binns ‎(I22730)‎
Birth 1876 45 36 Galway City
Death 1955 ‏(Age 79)‏ Dublin South, Ireland