John Binns  ‏(I205)‏
Given Names: John
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 12 January 1817 35 30 Sunderland, Co Durham
Death: 5 September 1875 ‏(Age 58)‏ Western Hill, Durham

Dr. John Binns of Haslingden. Virtual founder of Haslingden Institute, pioneer of Free Library movement of 1857.
1834 Mentioned in fathers Will
1834 Apr 4 The Hull Packet: Civil Court: Mr Binns formerly carried on the business of surgeon at Stockport, but is at present residing at York. He forwarded a picture, purchased by Dr Simpson, of York, and worth between £200 and £300, by Messrs Walker of Leeds, to be by them forwarded “by water carriage” to Stockport. The picture was badly damage en route by the carriers who sent it by land . Jury found for Binns, damages £6.
1839 Apr 29 The Morning Chronicle; University of London:- University College; Faculty of Medicine; Pathological Anatomy, silver medal Mr John Binns, Sunderland.
1840 Jul 25 The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser; Sunderland:- There was a crowded meeting of the men of this place on Thursday last, in the Co-operative Hall to hear Mr Binns deliver an address. Mr‏[?Dr]‏ John Binns was in the chair
1840 Sep 12 1840 The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser; Mr John Binns, appointed Provisional County Secretary of the Durham Charter Association.
1840 Oct 3 The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser; John Binns of Sunderland visiting colliery villages in Durham and giving speeches.
1840 Oct 31 Northern Liberator: Meeting at Sunderland caled to disavow the treaty of alliance between Russia, Prussia, Austria, and England, for the settlement of the differences between Turkey and the Egyptian Pasa, which has broken off our alliance with France, and is calculated to lead to war with that country and endanger the peace of Europe. John Binns occupied the chair
1840 Nov 14 Northern Star: Lecture by John Binns in Sunderland on the Charity of Chartism
1840 Nov 28 Northern Liberator: Letter from Robert Lowry in Paris to John Binns in Sunderland in which he declares that British and French interests have been usurped by Russia.
1848 Dec 6 Marriage by licence at St James, Haslingden, of John Binns, full age, unmarried surgeon of Haslingden, father George Binns, draper to; Ellen Hall, full age spinster of Haslingden, father John Hall, gentleman
1848 Dec 16 Manchester Courier: Marriage on 6 Dec at Haslingden Church, Mr John Binns, surgeon to Ellen, eldest daughter of John Hall Esq, of Stone House, Clough End, near Haslingden
1851 Census married head at Albert Street, Haslingden, Lancs, age 34, medical licentiate of Apothecaries Co, London.
1853 Jul 2 Burnley Advertiser: Testimonial; 22 Jun 1853 From John Binns Esq, surgeon, Haslingden. I havee this day had extracted a hard and soft corn from my foot by Mr Siemms, without the slightest pain whatever, and I strongly recommend a trial to any party suffering from the same inconvenience. J Binns.
1856 May 14 Blackburn Standard: Mr John Binns, sugeon delivered a lecture to the Young Mens Institute in Haslingden on the History and Constitution of the House of Commons.
1857 Jan 10 Preston Guardian: Dr Binns offered £100 towards the cost of a public library in Haslingden, as well as 400 books from his personal library
1859 Apr 23 Bury Times: Reform Meeting at Rawtenstall; John Binns Esq of Halingden said that he had never spoken to strictly political meeting before since he came into this part of the country. He claimed as an Englishman the righ to give expression to his own opinions. He said that Louis Napoleon had no right to the throne of France.
1861 Census married head at Regent Street, Haslingden, age 44, licentiate of Apothecaries Co, London.
1862 10th Report of Science and Art Department Return for Haslingden; John Binns secretary; students number 19 taking electricity and magnetism; inorganic and organic chemistry; twelve Queens prizes
1863 Jul 4 Bury Times: Haslingden Auziliary Union and Emancipation Society; President John Binns Esq
1863 Nov 21 Burnley Gazette: Addressed festival in connection with the Lord Street co-operative store in Rawtenstall
1864 Apr 20 Leeds Mercury: The 3rd Conference of the National Reform Association at Free Trade Hall, Manchester was attended by Jno. Binns from Haslingden
1866 Sep 22 Bury Times: John Binns member of Haslingden Board of Guardians. Visitor to patients in the asylum.
1867 Jan 5 Bury Times: Mr John Binns, surgeon residing in Haslingden gave evidence at the inquest on Maria Whitaker.
1867 Nov 9 Bury Times: Annual meeting of the Industrial and Provident Society, Ramsbottom is to be chaired by John Binns Esq., M.D. of Haslingden
1869 Dec 4 Burnley Gazette: Spoke at a great Liberal demonstration in Padiham
1871 Census married head at Regent Street, Haslingden, age 54, licentiate of Apothecaries Co, London.
1871 Apr 11 London Gazette: John Binns, Haslingden, surgeon, is co-executor of will of John Hall, coal merchant
1871-72 Lancashire Record Office: Woodcock of Haslingden; On the death of John Hall of Clough End, colliery owner, who died possessed of a capital messuage called Higher Hudhey Admittance of John Binns of Haslingden, surgeon, and John Ormerod of Clough End, cotton manufacturer, on trust further to the will of J.H. and of Ann Hall of Haslingden, spinster, to Higher Hud Hey Farm 32 ac. 34 p.) surrendered for £3,100 by John Binns now of Western Hill, Durham, surgeon, and John Ormerod
1872 Left Haslingden for Durham where he was a doctor and helped to form the Miner's Union.There is a bust of him in The Miner's Hall, Durham.
1874 Mar 13 Northern Echo ‏(Darlington)‏: Dr Binns involved in the opening of the “Shakespeare British Workman” in Durham as public house without drink.
1875 Sep 6 Northern Echo ‏(Darlington)‏: Sudden death of Dr Binns J P of Durham. Short obituary. Moved to Durham about three or four years ago
1875 Sep 9 Northern Echo: Funeral of Dr Binns, interred at St Cuthberts Churchyard, Durham. Chief mourners were Mr Watson Binns, Mr William Binns, Mr Herbert Binns, Mr E Binns, Mr T Hall, Mr G Ormerod, and Mr W Rawstron
1875 Dec 4 Administration of John Binns late of Western Hill, Durham, paper manufacturer who died there 5 Sep 1875 granted at Durham to his widow Ellen Binns of Western Hill
1875 Obituary says he leaves a widow, son, and three daughters. His son Herbert saw him on the day he died.
1876 Jan 21 London Gazette: John Binns, late of Western Hill, Durham, paper manufacturer. Widow Ellen Binns
1909 Brother Frederick says Henry and Charles Brady opened a draper's shop in Barnsley and John was there for a time but after there he went to London to work at Guy's Hospital.

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Family with Parents
George Binns ‎(I7)‎
Birth 8 May 1781 40 35 Crawshawbooth
Death 19 February 1836 ‏(Age 54)‏ Sunderland
5 years
Margaret Watson ‎(I8)‎
Birth 31 July 1786 Staindrop

Marriage: 30 January 1805 -- Staindrop, Co Durham
11 months
Eliza Binns ‎(I200)‎
Birth 21 December 1805 24 19
Death 4 January 1861 ‏(Age 55)‏
2 years
Ann Binns ‎(I201)‎
Birth 21 March 1808 26 21
Death 7 July 1876 ‏(Age 68)‏ Croydon, Surrey
2 years
Henry Binns ‎(I9)‎
Birth 19 January 1810 28 23
Death 17 January 1880 ‏(Age 69)‏ 62 Lansdowne Road, Croydon
2 years
Thomas Watson Binns ‎(I202)‎
Birth 15 December 1811 30 25
Death 3 December 1812 ‏(Age 11 months)‏
2 years
Rachel Binns ‎(I203)‎
Birth 5 January 1814 32 27
Death 12 May 1832 ‏(Age 18)‏ Sunderland, Co Durham
2 years
George Binns ‎(I204)‎
Birth 6 December 1815 34 29 Sunderland, Co Durham
Death 5 April 1847 ‏(Age 31)‏ Port Nelson, New Zealand
13 months
John Binns ‎(I205)‎
Birth 12 January 1817 35 30 Sunderland, Co Durham
Death 5 September 1875 ‏(Age 58)‏ Western Hill, Durham
3 years
William Binns ‎(I854)‎
Birth 24 July 1819 38 32
Death 11 March 1866 ‏(Age 46)‏ Sunderland
17 months
Watson Binns ‎(I855)‎
Birth 22 December 1820 39 34
Death 31 March 1905 ‏(Age 84)‏
16 months
Margaret Binns ‎(I856)‎
Birth 8 April 1822 40 35
Death 30 September 1851 ‏(Age 29)‏
3 years
Frederick Binns ‎(I606)‎
Birth 8 March 1825 43 38 Sunderland
Death 12 August 1911 ‏(Age 86)‏ West Ham, London
16 months
Sarah Binns ‎(I857)‎
Birth 8 July 1826 45 39
Death 28 January 1894 ‏(Age 67)‏ Croydon, Surrey
17 months
Edward Binns ‎(I858)‎
Birth 24 November 1827 46 41
Death 8 July 1902 ‏(Age 74)‏ Summerhill East, Sunderland
1 year
Sophia Binns ‎(I859)‎
Birth 13 November 1828 47 42
Death 23 May 1858 ‏(Age 29)‏ Sunderland
2 years
Lucy Binns ‎(I630)‎
Birth 14 August 1830 49 44 Sunderland
Death 4 April 1908 ‏(Age 77)‏ Ackworth
Family with Ellen Hall
John Binns ‎(I205)‎
Birth 12 January 1817 35 30 Sunderland, Co Durham
Death 5 September 1875 ‏(Age 58)‏ Western Hill, Durham
11 years
Ellen Hall ‎(I613)‎
Birth about 1828 Haslingden, Lancs
Death 6 November 1913 ‏(Age 85)‏ Lancaster, Lancs

Religious Marriage: 6 December 1848 -- St James, Haslingden, Lancs
14 months
John George Binns ‎(I876)‎
Birth 31 January 1850 33 22 Haslingden
Death March 1872 ‏(Age 22)‏ Haslingden
2 years
Hannah Binns ‎(I877)‎
Birth 1 May 1852 35 24 Haslingden, Lancs
Death 26 June 1929 ‏(Age 77)‏ Harrogate, Yorks
2 years
Margaret Binns ‎(I878)‎
Birth 20 April 1854 37 26 Haslingden, Lancs
Death 29 October 1929 ‏(Age 75)‏ Lancaster, Lancs
3 years
Herbert Binns ‎(I880)‎
Birth 21 August 1857 40 29 Haslingden, Lancs
Death 31 March 1903 ‏(Age 45)‏ Durham, Co Durham
9 years
Lucy Binns ‎(I879)‎
Birth 6 December 1866 49 38 Haslingden, Lancs
Family with Ann ‏(unknown)‏
John Binns ‎(I205)‎
Birth 12 January 1817 35 30 Sunderland, Co Durham
Death 5 September 1875 ‏(Age 58)‏ Western Hill, Durham
Louisa Binns ‎(I1571)‎
Birth 26 February 1826 9 Bury, Lancs