Catherine "Kay Daumit" Gregg  ‏(I1306)‏
Given Names: Catherine
Nickname: Kay Daumit
Surname: Gregg

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 12 February 1907
Death: 2 June 1977 ‏(Age 70)‏ Dade, Florida
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 12 February 1907
Marriage Joseph Patterson Binns - about 1955 ‏(Age 47)‏
Death 2 June 1977 ‏(Age 70)‏ Dade, Florida

Burial Upper Darby, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA
Cemetery: Friends Southwestern Burial Ground

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Immediate Family  (F478)
Harry G Daumit
1899 -

Immediate Family  (F476)
Joseph Patterson Binns
1905 - 1980


1935 At Akron, Summit, Ohio
1940 US Census at Chicago City, Cook, Illinois, Katherine Dommit, wife age 33, born Ohio
1946 Kay Daumit became a leading US brand of beauty products including shampoo.
1955 Nov 8 New York Times: the former Catherine Gregg is engaged to Joseph Binns, a Hotel Executive
1956 February Cornell Alumni News: Marriage of Joseph P Binns, executive Vice-President of the Waldorf Astoria and of the Hilton Hotels Corp., and Mrs Catherine Gregg Daumit of River House.
1977 Jun 2 Florida Deaths:
1977 Jun 8 New York Times: Catherine Gregg Binns, the wife of Joseph B. Binns, former vice president of Hilton Hotels and former managing director of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, died

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Close Relatives
Family with Harry G Daumit
Harry G Daumit ‎(I1309)‎
Birth about 1899 Pennsylvania, USA
8 years

Catherine "Kay Daumit" Gregg ‎(I1306)‎
Birth 12 February 1907
Death 2 June 1977 ‏(Age 70)‏ Dade, Florida
Family with Joseph Patterson Binns
Joseph Patterson Binns ‎(I1289)‎
Birth 28 June 1905 29 30 Ohio, USA
Death 23 November 1980 ‏(Age 75)‏ Indian Creek Island, Dade, Florida
20 months

Catherine "Kay Daumit" Gregg ‎(I1306)‎
Birth 12 February 1907
Death 2 June 1977 ‏(Age 70)‏ Dade, Florida

Marriage: about 1955