James Binns  ‏(I12619)‏
Given Names: James
Surname: Binns

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 25 February 1817 32 25 Halifax, Yorks
Death: 8 April 1882 ‏(Age 65)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 25 February 1817 32 25 Halifax, Yorks

Christening 13 April 1817 ‏(Age 47 days)‏ Wesleyan Methodist, Stones, Yorks

Death 8 April 1882 ‏(Age 65)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA

Burial 11 April 1882 ‏(3 days after death)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
Cemetery: Greenwood Cemetery

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Parents Family  (F3703)
David Binns
1785 -
Mary Jennings
1792 -
William Jennings Binns
1815 -
(Birth) James Binns
1817 - 1882
William Binns
1820 - 1821
George Binns
1823 -
Henry Binns
1826 -
Richard Binns
1829 - 1889
Jane Binns
1830 -
Charles Binns
1832 -

Immediate Family  (F3789)
Elizabeth Wormald
1820 - 1891
Mary Ann Binns
1843 - 1875
William Jennings Binns
1846 - 1875
David Wormald Binns
1849 - 1910
Martha Maria Binns
1850 -
Emma Elizabeth Binns
1857 -


1840 Aug 17 Marriage at St Chad, Rochdale, of James Binns, full age unmarried mill wright of Castleton, father David Binns, engineer to; Betty Wormald, full age spinster of Castleton, father Henry Wormald, stone mason
1850 US Census at Ward 7, Brooklyn, New York, James Bins age 36, machinist
1850 The New York Mercantile Union Business Directory: James Binns millwright at Walworth Street, Kings County
1854 Dec 15 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Brooklyn Common Council receives letter from James Binns that is passed to the Fire Department Committee.
1855 Jan 30 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Brooklyn Common Council receives petition from James Binns for payment of bills for repairs made to Engine No 12 was referred to “Com on Brooklyn claims”
1855 Feb 27 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Brooklyn Common Council receives petition from James Binns for offset for taxes
1860 US Census not found
1865 New York Census at Ward 9, Brooklyn, James Binns, married head age 46, machinist, naturalised, owner of land. Also present is Harry Wormald, age 39, born England, once married but not now, brother-in-law, machinist in the navy. Close by is Richards Binns, age 36 and family. Also nearby is Joshua Wormald age 47 and family
1865 Aug 31 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Jas Binns, of Brooklyn Rink ‏[?]‏, subscriber to Lincoln Memorial fund
1868 Jul 20 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: James Binns listed as Director of Commercial Bank of Brooklyn, situated at the corner of Myrtle and Bedford Avenues.
1868 Aug 3 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Supreme Court of the State of New York; Trustee for the holders of bonds issued by the Brooklyn and Caparsie Railroad Company, plaintif, against the Brooklyn and Caparsie Railroad Company, including among others James Binns, defendants. Assets of the railroad company will be sold by auction.
1869 Mar 17 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: A plank was stolen from the premises of Mr Binns of Walworth Street
1869 Oct 14 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Washburn & Binns, Real Estate and Insurance Brokers, No 5 Wall Street. ‏[Washburn was a participant in the affairs of the Brooklyn, Rockaway and Coney Island Railroad Company]‏
1870 Feb 28 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Judgement by Judge Gilbert; Charles E Down et al against James Binns, motion for a new trial granted
1870 Apr 29 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: The well-known picnic grounds called Morris Grove, within 1 ½ miles of Jamaica, consisting of 10 acres, to lease for a term of years to suit parties. Communication to it by the East New York and Jamaica steam railroad, the East New York and Jamaica horse car railroad, and also by the South Side railroad. Also to lease a small farm consisting of 20 acres, with house and barn on it at Amityville, L I. For terms of lease for either property apply to James Binns, Walworth Street, near Flushing Ave
1870 US Census married head at 21st Ward, Kings County, Brooklyn, age 52, iron foundry and mill wright, real estate $50,000, personal $7,500. Also present is a male foundry worker Joseph Reed, age 43, born Pennsylvania. Next door but one is Richard Binns, age 40, born England.‏[About Joseph Reed see 15 Sep 1875]‏
1870 Aug 1 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: James Binns is elected by the Common Council of Brooklyn as an Inspector of Election for the 18th Ward, 2nd District
1871 Oct 3 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: William Therman accused and found guilty of defrauding Binns's foundry at Walworth Street
1873 Aug 8 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Expenditure of The Bridge Company:- inter alia $230.16 to James Binns, railroad iron
1874 Apr 30 New York Times: Newly elected Directors of the Atlantic Avenue Railroad include James Binns
1875 New York Census at Ward 21, E.D. 05, Brooklyn, Kings, New York in brick house value $10,000, married head age 58, machinist. Also present was Joseph A Reid, unmarried servant age 50, born Pennsylvania, book-keeper ‏[See 1875 Sep 15]‏
1875 Apr 30 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: James Binns elected Director of the Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company of Brooklyn
1875 Aug 5 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Foreclosure by James Binns against Michael McDonald. Property at Flushing Avenue and Bedford Avenue.
1875 Sep 15 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Fifteen years ago, a poorly but respectably clad, tall, elderly man, applied at Binns's Railroad Ironworks in Walworth Street near Flushing Avenue, for work. He said that he had just arrived from Philadelphia, and had had some knowledge of iron works and foundries. He described himself as Joseph Alexander Reed. Mr Binns at the time was in need of a foreman in the yard and at once engaged the applicant, agreeing to give him $15 per week and his board. A few weeks after, Reed had domiciled himself under Mr Binns, and had become somewhat familiar with the family,. He informed them that he was a doctor, having a perfect knowledge of medicine. ‏[To cut a long story short he began seeing and wooing female patients. When asked if she was married to him one lady said, "Not exactly."Another lady claimed that she was his wife, having married on 21st Jul 1875. After three weeks he had left.]‏ He had been employed by Binns for fifteen years
1875 Nov 4 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Property transfers; Balchen Place, Smith Street; Edward G Nelson to James Binns, foreclosure, $600
1876 Aug 8 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: James Binns called to the chair at a meeting, held at Flushing and Walworth, to discuss the inadequacy of the sewers in the 19th Ward
1876 Feb 16 Applied for and was granted administration of estate of his son William J Binns
1878 Mar 8 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Fullsome account of James Binns's railroad dealings
1878 Mar 9 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: A RAILROAD BOUGHT FOR NOTHING AND SOLD FOR $ 300,000
1879 Sep 8 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: James Binns, occupation president, 27 Walworth Street, empanelled on Grand Jury
1880 Jan 22 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: General Crooke on the Warpath; He reminds an Englishman what General Jackson did at New Orleans. In the suit of Philip H Reid against the Canarsie Railroad Company and DeWitt C Littlejohn, one of the witnesses for the defence was Mr James Binns, an iron founder of the Eastern District. Mr Binns testified as to the value of locomotives, and in cross-examination General Philip S Crooke, plaintiffs counsel, sought to show that Mr Binns was hardly a competent witness to testify in that regard. "Are you a stock holder in the railroad?" General Crooke enquired. "I am," responded Mr Binns. "Are you a creditor of the railroad?" General Crooke enquired. "Yes, sir, I am" was the reply. The general then went on to question the witness as to his experience in the buying and selling of locomotives, and, in summing up, said that Mr Binns was shown not to be a proper person to judge of their value, as he had only bought and sold second hand engines, and did not make or sell new ones. The general said that in fact Mr Binns bought old iron to use up and recast, and it would be as appropriate to consider a junkman, who bought old copper, a judge of a new copper kettle as to consider Mr Binns a judge of new locomotives and their value. After the trial General Cooke was told that Mr Binns felt aggrieved at counsel's remarks, and had said to Mr Reid that the general was a great rascal. Mr Reid asked Mr Binns what General Cooke had done to deserve such an epithet, but Mr Binns did not reply. Yesterday noon, General Crooke met Mr Binns in the entrance to the Court House. The general was indignant at the aspersions which Mr Binns had cast upon his good name. He stopped in front of Mr Binns and said,"Mr Binns, my client tells me that you called me a great rascal. Pray what business had I ever with you in which my character for uprightness was called in question?" "You were once employed by me,"Mr Binns replied, "and went away to Washington and let my case take care of itself." "Indeed," the general exclaimed, "who employed me?" "I did," Mr Binns answered. "Did you ever pay me any fee?" the general asked. "No, I did not," Mr Binns replied. "I don't do business for any man before I am paid," the general said; "and what you say isn't true." "You are a liar," Mr Binns said. By this time a crowd had collected and they stood around listening to the altercation with seeming gratification. "If I were forty years younger," the general said, "I would take the hide of you. What countryman are you?" "I'm not an Irishman," Mr Binns answered. "No," said the general with much indignation, "you are a d...d, low, mean, underbred English blackguard." A round of applause followed from the bystanders. "You are a lawyer," Mr Binns said, "and can say what you please, you suppose, without fear of being punished." "General Jackson was a lawyer," the general replied, "and I would like to serve you as he served your countrymen at New Orleans - take your hide off you. There is an old saying, however, that you can't touch pitch without being defiled." The general concluded with a very characteristic quotation from Thomas Brown the Less. A cheer rose up and the gentlemen separated. General Crooke will be seventy years old next March, but he is as active and vigilant as ever, and tries a case or confronts an assailant with as much energy and pluck as though he was thirty years younger.
1880 Jan 24 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: The suit of James Binns against Aras G Williams as Sherriff was decided by the jury in favour of Binns. The action was brought to recover $2,500, the value of gas machines seized by the Sheriff, claimed by the plaintiff as his property.
1880 US Census at Sandford Street, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, married head age 63, US citizen, manufacturer of machinery. Also present is George Binns, married brother, age 57, manufacturer of machinery, his wife is not present.
1880 Dec 12 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: "description was given by those present of the measures taken by Messrs Binns, McAvoy, Batterman, and the Kings County Insurance Company, to block up the old road." ‏[Walworth Street and Flushing Avenue are mentioned]‏
1882 Apr 12 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Death and Burial of Mr James Binns. On Saturday 8 April. Came to us over 40 years ago and was "a genius of mechanical invention" and was well known manufacturer of railway materials. Had been president of the Van Brunt and Erie Basin line, a director in the Atlantic Avenue Railroad, the Broadway Railroad, the Hoboken Railroad, and Long Island Railroad and at the time of his death much esteemed director of the Commercial Bank. His home has been in Sandford Street, and he died at number 23, directly opposite the little frame house he occupied when first arrived. Funeral on 11th April at Greenwood Cemetery. He was 65 years old and leaves a widow and four children. He never sought or held any office and was apolitical. No Binns attendants are named.
Obituaries in same issue from Commercial Bank and Van Brunt and Erie Basin Railroad Company.
1882 Apr 14 Application for probate by Elizabeth Binns, David W Binns, Emma Binns, and Martha Binns. Next of kin and heirs at law are; widow; David W Binns; Emma Binns; and Martha Binns; all of 28 Sandford Street; there are no descendants of any deceased child. George Binns signed on 13 Apr 1882 to say he knows the above named applicants
1885 Jun 13 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Official conveyance Walworth Street and Park Avenue, Elizabeth Binns, widow, David W, Martha and Emma Binns, devisees, J Binns, deceased to Michael Goolian

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Family with Parents
David Binns ‎(I12367)‎
Birth 1785 England
7 years
Mary Jennings ‎(I12368)‎
Birth 1792

Religious Marriage: 18 September 1814 -- Halifax, Yorks
1 year
William Jennings Binns ‎(I12369)‎
Birth 2 October 1815 30 23
17 months
James Binns ‎(I12619)‎
Birth 25 February 1817 32 25 Halifax, Yorks
Death 8 April 1882 ‏(Age 65)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
3 years
William Binns ‎(I12371)‎
Birth 30 July 1820 35 28
Death 25 October 1821 ‏(Age 14 months)‏
3 years
George Binns ‎(I12372)‎
Birth 28 June 1823 38 31 England
3 years
Henry Binns ‎(I12373)‎
Birth 22 February 1826 41 34
Death Yes
3 years
Richard Binns ‎(I12374)‎
Birth 19 May 1829 44 37 Halifax, England
Death 10 April 1889 ‏(Age 59)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
7 months
Jane Binns ‎(I17535)‎
Birth about 1830 45 38 England
3 years
Charles Binns ‎(I12375)‎
Birth 21 June 1832 47 40
Family with Elizabeth Wormald
James Binns ‎(I12619)‎
Birth 25 February 1817 32 25 Halifax, Yorks
Death 8 April 1882 ‏(Age 65)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
3 years
Elizabeth Wormald ‎(I12620)‎
Birth about 1820 England
Death 13 June 1891 ‏(Age 71)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
Mary Ann Binns ‎(I12621)‎
Birth about 1843 25 23 England
Death 24 December 1875 ‏(Age 32)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
3 years
William Jennings Binns ‎(I12622)‎
Birth about 1846 28 26 New York, USA
Death 24 December 1875 ‏(Age 29)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
3 years
David Wormald Binns ‎(I12001)‎
Birth about 1849 31 29 New York State, USA
Death 28 January 1910 ‏(Age 61)‏ Brooklyn, New York, USA
2 years
Martha Maria Binns ‎(I12623)‎
Birth about December 1850 33 30 New York, USA
7 years
Emma Elizabeth Binns ‎(I12624)‎
Birth about August 1857 40 37 New York, USA